September 6, 2012


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It is exam time and surprisingly this is the time I start thinking about blogging again. I blame the weather for this distraction; it seems like a criminal offence to study microeconomics in such a cool, pleasant climate. When I’m are sitting in my room looking at the cloudy skies thinking “How am I going to crack the end term papers”, the weather made me so nostalgic that I ended up scrambling for a precious DVD filled with memories and this is when it struck me that photos are important assets in life.  I have some gigabytes of happy data stashed in orkut, facebook and DVD’s. It lets you go back to your past and relive all those moments that made an impact in your life. We say that the only thing that constant in our life is change and it so very true but there is yet another thing that remains constant- photos.  People in our life change, situations change and we change but a part of us will always be there embedded in photos and this is what makes them so very special. I never understood why my friends were so keen to take so many photos, now I understand that it serves a better purpose than just getting “likes” in FB. These snaps might be the only proof of some instances, people who were in your life and all those places you’ve been to. I love going through these little treasures reliving those Kodak moments that I shared with my family and friends. The best part is that I remember only those happy moments; those petty fights and ego clashes seem to have been thrust into oblivion. I miss a lot of people and I know that life has already changed so much that it is never going to be the same ever again. It is just a DVD of photos and ‘enlightened and nostalgic’ me right now.

A suggestion from me- “Click those moments because you are never going to get it back and most importantly you might be left with just photos when life takes you away from your loved ones.”


July 22, 2010


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Well this one is in memory of a person who was there like a shadow in my life and not just mine- my whole family’s. He was our chauffeur and part of the family. Being with us through the ups and downs of our life too. I was taken back and forth from school by him and the umpteen hours of waiting outside tuition classes for me. After 18 years of companionship he left us without bidding a proper goodbye. It left all of us shattered beyond words- the realisation that he won’t be back hit us.

His first love was the car- an ambassador, which he was very possessive about and I guess he had it rigged up in a manner that only he can drive it J. Second love was electricity – he was fascinated with anything related to this. We had every gadget working properly like a well oiled machine. A person who loved sweets, taken away from us by diabetics. Everyone who knows him would probably blame him for his callous behaviour towards life. For him the medicine for diabetics ended with the juice of bitter gourd and had no restriction on his sugar intake. Maybe he just wanted to enjoy his life or maybe it was his inherent stubborn character opposing any suggestions from others. I don’t think he believed that he was ill even when he was critically ill and was doing dialysis. But now I don’t remember his stubbornness which drove all of us nuts and the umpteen shouts at him. I just want to remember those moments in my life which he flooded with laughter and smiles. I remember his childish fancy when he decks the X’mas tree in the first week of December. It was a practice that my bro and I started when we were tiny tots but as years passed we both lost the interest in that but his interest never did wane. Even last December he was there making those lights shimmer and twinkle. A simpleton in many ways, he was never known to use his brains before talking. Well this probably resulted in some historic laughing moments which leaves all of us gasping for air and with aching tummy. For him diwali was celebrated with firecrackers to drive away the tormenting mosquitoes rather than the religious ideas behind it. According to him the drivers were the only ones who were required to wear the seat belt … the reason?? Well the seat belt is designed to prevent or at least delay the driver’s escape if at all an accident takes place. Did he know or realize the importance and the life saving capability of the seat belt is still a mystery for me.

Two days before the ill fated day my father and I visited him at his home. He was recuperating after a month’s battle with the disease but the fact was that he was recovering at a very fast rate- a miracle was how people termed it. He had promised us that he’ll come back to us within a month and we were happy. We didn’t know that death was lurking in the corner; ready to take him away from us. He passed away silently in his sleep, he didn’t bid any goodbyes. He just drifted from one sleep to another eternal one.

Now it’s more than three and a half months after his demise and there’s someone else behind the wheel now but there are some voids which can never be filled. We are left hugging a lot of good memories to relish a lifetime.

July 13, 2010

Booze booze and more booze

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It was a Sunday morning . I was with my family on our way to Mallaserry and  had to reach the church there at 9. It was already 8 and my grandfather and brother was already wriggling with impatience.For them being on time translates to atleast half an hour before the appointment 🙂 So we were in a hurry to have our breakfast and reach the place asap rather than suffer the wrath of the prompt guys. There were not many hotels open, well what did we expect on a Sunday morning!! So atlast we did find one which looked ok. As early as we were there were lots of people there infact we were amused to find so many men hanging around .The feeling was reciprocated as they were more amused to see us.  My father went to enquire about the restaurant and came with the announcement to leave the place. Breakfast will be ready only by around 9.30 and the crowd waiting there was not for food but they were visiting the bar adjoining the hotel. As a matter of fact the watchman too was in a inebriate state. We did find a better hotel with a functioning restaurant but to our surprise the restaurant was vacant… absolutely no other soul in there; but a good traffic was there in their liquor area… well people seem to be more interested in being in a drunken stupor than spending a holiday with a clear head.

No wonder there is record sales in the liqour business in The God’s Own Country than elsewhere in the country. Its an obsession here were even small chidren are addicted to alcohol and slowly eroding our soceity and future  😦

July 2, 2010

absent for a day

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In these modern times as each day passes we progress to more sophisticated and techie surroundings. Cell phones that came to the market with a colossal price tag and one which was an asset of the privileged few have undergone a complete makeover. The Indian market has welcomed this product and the services with open hands and from the status of distant relatives who comes visiting once in a blue moon it has elevated itself to being our constant companion and friend. An accessory which is a part of our life now; facilitating in making calls, messaging, taking photos, connects us to internet…..the list just goes on.

I got my first cell phone during me first year in college. I was planning to go for a class tour to Kodai. My parents who are a bit too apprehensive about letting their daughter go on tour decided to get me a phone to keep in constant touch with me. At first I practically hated the new contraption as I had to take care of it too. The worst problem was the fact that I would dump it in my bag and my parents would call at the same instant. I wouldn’t attend the call and my parents would be left to think of all the possible reasons as to why I’m not attending the calls. This would eventually lead to a small lecture on why they got me the phone.

As time flew my hatred started to wean off and I was totally in love with my phone. I upgraded my phone from a basic LG set to an Xpress music series which made me more dependant and attached to device. For a person like me who has a sieve for a memory my phone became my diary – my reminder. I’ve got my playlist at my fingertips to soothe my nerves. Above all this I love the Short Messaging Services, with the lovable acronym SMS, which lets me keep in touch with my friends any time anywhere- of course network availability is a factor. I would be happily texting my friends as the class progresses to long boring lectures. My phone is where I jot down my thoughts. My first blog was written and edited in my phone. So as I said earlier my cell phone is my constant companion and in the past three years I can’t remember one single day without my cell by my side. But today I don’t have it with me. My brother took it with him and I had to surrender it after an emotional fight:(:(.So here I’m typing in a 100 key laptop instead of my familiar tiny keypad cell.

Do I miss it??? I definitely do…

June 29, 2010

70 (not out!!)

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From the day of its conception it was loved and adored by all and today it turns 70. Thanks to The Hindu I got to know about this today morning. I’m talking about one of my favourite cartoons- TOM & JERRY. The cutest cat and mouse pair in the history of cartoons. Hats off to William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for creating such wonderful characters for us to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime. I’m an ardent fan of this evergreen cartoon. They’ve never failed to bring a smile to my face; actually they make me laugh out loud even now!!!

 My grandparents used to gift me video cassettes of this cartoon and they were my source of entertainment as well as companionship when I was left in the care of the maid. I guess I learned to operate the TV and VCR because of my unending desire to see them again and again. Repetition doesn’t spoil the fun of any of the episodes; it just gets better and better..:) I’ve been bowled over by both the characters. At times my sympathies are all for Tom who is being irritated by Jerry and sometimes I applaud Jerry’s victory over the scheming Tom.:):)

 Anyways this extraordinary pair will continue to bring smiles and laughter to many toddlers & of course the adults (who still’ve their childishness well preserved)…and right now what comes to my mind is the hearty laugh of my bro when we used to see the cartoon together. These cartoons bring with them a multitude of happy memories too and rewind time to our childhood days.

June 27, 2010


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Across the oceans in a land afar

Beats a few hearts filled with love

From those distant lands they come

To their ancestral homes which gear up for celebrations

For a homecoming yearned by all .

The eyes betray for seconds as the first sight is blurred

With tears of joy .

The longing for a touch ,

The craving for a tight hug at last fulfilled.

Eyes scrutinizing for changes that time has etched on each other

A few grey hairs & a small potbelly

The naughty giggle transformed to a mature smile.

Days filled with laughter and fights among the tiny tots

The tightly scheduled hours of house visits and shopping,

days fly away

Slowly transforming those happy moments to dismaying ones

Thinking of separation about to happen

And they leave to those distant lands

Leaving behind a house with scents of perfumes

And teary eyed relatives with a handful of sweet memories

Waiting on the doorstep for another homecoming.

June 24, 2010

My Detective

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Walking stealthily in the garden

Attired in rich brown hues,

Inspecting each and every corner;

Keen eyes in search of clues,

Each step, each gaze – a calculated movement,

Nothing misses those quick eyes

Pondering over each and every object.

But the attention quickly shifts

To go in search and unearth more.

The small worms cocooned in the bitter gourd creeper;

The web designed by the artistic spider;

The tiny ants scurrying around in disciplined rows;

The dew drops that forms the canvas for the sun to create a rainbow;

These sights imbibed in the hurried run.

A nutmeg falls on the ground

Swiftly the focus turns to the sound

Scurrying fast arrives at the site

The tiny fists take hold of the fruit

A small bite to test it first

But throws it away in anger

Tired after an hour of sleuthing,

He leaves back to his abode in the mango tree,

All that I can see is the swish of its furry tail.

June 22, 2010

Resolutions after college

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(Author’s note: this one is the work of an idle mind.) 

Towards the end of long year, around the mid of December we do a lot of introspection and make a list of things to do or habits to change in our lives. But in the past few years I’ve neglected this ritual simply because I had never found success in my previous endeavours. But after the gruelling years of studies I could resist making resolutions; after all another phase of my life got over- it’s a new beginning now.

5 things I promised I would do after college 

1. Start exercising. (Concept of exercising is still restricted to the movement of my fingers to change channels or to message!!!!) 

2. Read at least one book every day. 

3.Roam about in the city with friends and to see a lot of movies.( I did try the latter part of this resolution but I guess I made a mistake in the choice of the movie because instead of checking the listings for new movies I vowed never to see one again) 

4. Master the art of driving. 

5. Get back to my guitar lessons. 

Well it is a very simple list. Nothing complicated. Nothing like trying out paragliding. But as usual I wasn’t triumphant in at least one of that. 

5 things which I did accomplish unexpectedly 

1. Started blogging. 

2. Put on weight (now this might create a bit of controversy and some might disagree. But still I swear, I’ve put on maybe 1 or 2 kgs and all of it is deposited on my cheeks) 

3. I got a second piercing in my ear. 

4. I saw a doctor for my knee pain. (Now the credit for this goes to my mom and Amrith- mom for dragging me to the doctor and Amrith for pressurising me after hearing my continuous wails when the pain strikes.) 

5.????????? (Nothing!!!! I’m still thinking!!! Still got two months to fill this slot)

June 19, 2010


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Four years of college life whizzed by….towards the end, each morning I woke up with a special prayer to God to fast forward time. Now that it’s over and I’m sitting at home, I can’t help but pray for a rewind. This boredom and lack of activity is killing me and I miss my friends badly. Left with nothing much to do, now i’m reminiscing and savouring all those moments.

Academically the last 4 yrs were nothing more than a stagnating affair. Ask me about the butterworth filter or about VHDL, you’ll find me gaping clueless(not exaggerating).The only things that were improving each second was my hatred towards the subjects and the curses i shower for opting this stream.I’m not even going to comment on the apathetic ‘teaching’.

 But in the midst of all this my college life taught and nourished me in a different way.I was blessed with a lot of friends , people I know I’m going to cherish my whole life. A contant source of love ,care, support , fun…………………………….Its childish to hope for things to remain the make time standstill.

The tour was what brought us together.A 24 hr train journey flew by as seconds when we got together.Card games, singing songs,pulling each others legs to debates on the Epics and the Bible , it was turning out to the journey of a lifetime.None of us are going to forget  those ten days of our college life.From Hyderabad to Bangalore and then to Goa our friendship grew strong. The outings, the innumerable “round table conferences” under the tree, the corridors ringing of laughter. The scurrying  around to complete assignments and records,consoling each other when the results are published. The episodes of love blossoming , the excitement as rest of us helping to set up a fairy tale ending, the umpteen rehearsals for the perfect proposal, the celebrations that ensue when our efforts triumph to the total dismay and sorrow when it gets crushed; From exhilaration to distress we’ve braved it all together. There were fights and bickering;  Scenes that conjure up the images of “Cold War” and “World War 2” were staged. Unfortunately all this did take the laughter out of our time together.It weakened certain bonds…strengthened other ones. Now that we’ve said good-byes to pursue our future, all that’s left is assurances to keep in touch.



June 16, 2010


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Well this post is a bit tardy but I just felt like posting it now, to explain my blog’s name. One of my dearest friend said she didn’t like the name as it was long, difficult to understand and of course to search. I’ve to agree with her as it really does have these discrepancies but I’m totally in love with this phrase- “JE NE SAIS QUOI”-french for “I don’t know what”. It emanates the exact state of my mind when I started blogging. To be very honest I think I’m one with ‘zero techie knowledge’(Its still a wonder as to how I got through 4 yrs of ‘engineering’ studies).For a gal who feels perfectly at home with paper and pen than the laptop, blogging seemed to be a bit too sophisticated. In gist I didn’t know what I was going to get myself into. And I stumbled on this phrase when I didn’t know what to do, sitting idly surfing through the dictionary (a real printed one!!!!).It was perfect. After a superficial research I got to know that it means “An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive”. A blog that will bring out the best in me….. to revive me……my blog JE NE SAIS QUOI

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